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Ezyroller for kids

Is it a Bike? Is it a Kart? No it's an EZYROLLER!

Great-kidsbedrooms are extremely proud to be able to exclusively offer you the Ezyroller UK.

The Ezy-roller combines all the control of a bike with the fun of a scooter your child is guaranteed hours of fun with this brand new and exclusive toy !!!

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  1. Blue Ezyroller

    Blue Ezyroller

    Exclusive new...

  2. Red Ezyroller

    Red Ezyroller

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  3. Pink Ezyroller

    Pink Ezyroller

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  4. Green Ezyroller

    Green Ezyroller

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  1. Black Ezyroller

    Black Ezyroller

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  2. Orange Ezyroller

    Orange Ezyroller

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6 Item(s)

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Ezyroller UK:

"Fantastic, additive, and worth every penny" This is what parents and children are saying about the Ezyrollers. The Ezy roller UK moves like a snake, without chains or pedals, using only your child's right leg -left leg movements. There are no messy chains or batteries involved, just pure leg power, perfect for getting you child to excise without ever realising it!

The Ezy-roller uses the same principles of action as the gondoliers in Venice do, they make sinus curves,smooth and almost snakelike.

The kids Ezyroller is easy to use and even children as young as 3 years can get straight in use this toy. Because of the way the Ezyrollers for kids has been designed it is suitable for children from 3-14 years old. The roller comes in six fantastic colours and includes all the extensions and tools required that will allow your child to grow with the Easyroller.

So choose our different easy roller only for your kids!

Let your child have fun with Great-kidsbedrooms!