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Kids Ride on Toys

Fresh and fun these unique Ride on Toys have been exclusively brought to you by Great-kidsbedrooms!

From the sheer delight of riding the amazing Ponycycles to the thrill of the Ezyroller, the Space Scooters or the Totomobile your child will never tire of having fun playing with these Ride on Toys!

The best bit has to be that your child is using all their own energy to propel the toys forward!

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  1. Red Ezyroller

    Red Ezyroller

    Exclusive new kart...

  2. Blue Ezyroller

    Blue Ezyroller

    Exclusive new...

  3. Green Ezyroller

    Green Ezyroller

    Exclusive new...

  4. Pink Ezyroller

    Pink Ezyroller

    Exclusive new...

  1. Black Ezyroller

    Black Ezyroller

    Exclusive new...

  2. Retro Ride-on Skoot Travelcase Orange

    Retro Ride-on Skoot Travelcase Orange

    Suitable for 3 years...

  3. Orange Ezyroller

    Orange Ezyroller

    Exclusive new...

  4. Vrum Disney Princess Ride-On Toy Box and Suitcase with Strap

  1. The TotoMobile Blue

    The TotoMobile Blue

    Suitable from 3 years...

  2. The TotoMobile Red

    The TotoMobile Red

    Suitable from 3 years...


10 Item(s)

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Ride on Toys :

Ride on toys have evolved! 

The Totomobile(TM) and the Ezyroller(TM) are not mere bikes or scooters - they are simply a revolutionary new way for kids to move! Discover as weel the fabulous new Space Scooter for kids! Bran new product and designed special for your toddler. Have a look HERE !

Ezyrollers & Space Scooters have absolutely no chains or pedals! All they need to make the toys go forward is a simple left-right foot motion (zig and zag) and the toy's glide gently forward, fast or slow, depending upon the left-right pace of the rider.

The PonyCycle Horse on Wheels is another completely unique ride on toy! This horse is so much more than a simple rocking horse, thanks to the unique mechanical system that connects the seat on the horse to the wheels which in turn makes the horse move forward!

This ride on toy is the next new leap in the evolution of riding horses! These ride on toys aren't like the traditional Rocking or Spring horses that are motionless, the      PonyCycle allows your child to ride the Ponycycles wherever they want to go - giving them the experience of riding a real horse!!

The best feature of all our exclusive Ride on Toys, is that it allows your little one to move without any assistance from Motors or Batteries ! All the Kids Ride on Toys move on sheer "Exercise Power" alone.... thus building strength and fitness. The best bit your little one is going to have hours of fun whilst getting fit!