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Baby Safety Gates and Bedrails

A baby's first crawl can be one of the most exciting moments of a parents life, and safety in the home is paramount and your baby's safety is everything!

We here at Great-kids bedrooms have carefully selected only the most reputable Safety Gates and Bedrails for you to choose from.

Whether you want a stair gate or a rail to exclude your pet from a room, we have carefully selected the best.

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Baby Safety Gates and Bedrails :

Shoppers will have no problem finding the right safety gate for their babies as we have carefully selected all the well know leading brands of Child Safety.

A Baby's safety gate is a barrier used to prevent children from accessing dangerous or potentially dangers places in the home.

A baby’s first crawl can be one of the most exciting moments of a parent’s life, and it can also be the most stressful. As babies start developing their motor skills, they become harder and harder to control.

One minute they’re in one corner and the next minute, they’re on the other side of the room, ready to put their fingers in the power outlet or take a tumble down the stairs. Parents simply cannot keep an eye on their children 24 hours a day. That’s why the Safety Gate is a savior for stressed parents. It is meant to contain children in a safe zone where they are free to explore as much as they want without getting in harm’s way.

What Is a Safety Gate?

A safety gate is a barrier used to prevent children from accessing dangerous areas or specific locations. It is meant to fence your child in a safe, enclosed space. Safety gates are also known as baby gates, nursery gates, and stair gates. Any model can be used in one’s home, office, and daycare. Safety gates often have slats or openings within the barrier. This allows one to see through the barrier to keep close watch on the children at play behind the gate.

The Different Kinds of Safety Gates :

Today’s safety gates are classified by installation method. Three main models are available, including the pressure - mounted gate, the hardware-mounted gate, and the freestanding safety gate. Read on for a quick explanation of the different types.

Pressure-Mounted Safety Gates :

This safety gate uses pressure, largely through spring action, to press itself on two opposing walls. These gates are temporary and portable in nature, and won’t leave any permanent holes in one’s home. Shoppers should note, pressure-mounted gates are not recommended to block the top of stairways because this model cannot be permanently attached to the wall. With enough force, a baby can push down the gate and take a tumble down the stairs. Additionally, this kind of gate should not be used for locations that are main thoroughfares in the home. Because most pressure-mounted safety gates do not have a swinging door, many adults and young children step over them to save time, but this can lead to accidents as well.

Hardware-Mounted Safety Gates :

Hardware-mounted gates are semi-permanently attached to a wall with the use of screws. These models have doors that swing open and latch shut, making it easy for adults to pass through them from one room to the next. Among all the safety gates, the hardware-mounted versions are the most versatile. They can even be used in hallways and doorways. It is also the only gate recommended for the top of the staircase. Babies can push as hard as they might and a properly installed hardware-mounted gate will not suddenly detach.

Freestanding Gates :

The freestanding gate, more commonly known as the yard gate, is a series of panels that can be interlocked to form an enclosed area. Freestanding gates can be used indoors or outdoors to keep a baby from wandering. This model is portable and can be used just about anywhere, making it very attractive to parents who are often on the go. Compared to other safety gates, however, it is not as sturdy. Freestanding gates are best used as temporary solutions, and are certainly not meant to be used on top of the staircase.